Guest lecture at a college with the Kassow robot
Guest lecture at a college with the Kassow robot.
Colla Robots likes to work with educational institutions to give pupils and students hands-on experience with the latest techniques. We supply cobots and accessories to educational institutions at extra favorable conditions. Because we want to think along, leasing a cobot is also an option. In this way, a cobot can be added to the curriculum without any special investment.

When an educational institution receives a cobot, they naturally receive extensive training and explanations about the product. We also provide guest lessons about the possibilities and impossibilities of cobots and additional topics. Colla Robots also offers project and internship assignments for students who want to work with a cobot.

Our 6 axis Colla Robot has a PC application with which the cobot can be programmed and simulated. In this way, multiple students can work on an assignment from any location, without getting in each other's way. Once at the physical cobot, the program can be shot and played. The cobots are equipped with standardized flanges on which a wide variety of end effectors can be mounted. Exchanging an end effector is easy by loosening four bolts in the flange. This allows the cobots to be used in a versatile way and students can work with self-made accessories without any problems.

Would you like more information about the possibilities of Colla Robots for education? Then do not hesitate to contact us.