We like to work together on a project basis. You have a fixed point of contact to analyze and discuss your specific situation. We translate this into a concept. We set clear goals and work out a suitable solution for you in this way.

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  What are collaborative robots (cobots)?
A collaborative robot, also known as a cobot, is a robot that is made to work together with the user. This is reflected in the easy user interface, the flexibility and above all the possibility to work directly next to and with a cobot, without fencing or other external safety measures. Compared to traditional robots, cobots are also a lot more sophisticated. Our cobots are so-called smart cobots.

With a smart cobot, a movement can be learned in a few minutes. By placing a cobot in 'free drive', the user can move the arm to a desired position, save the position, add actions and thus quickly compile a program. Read more

Kassow Robots - 7 axis

Our organization and the Danish Kassow Robot have a cooperation agreement for the integration of cobots. The cobots of the Kassow Robot brand are characterized by the three pillars "Strong Fast & Simple". Special is that the Kassow has 7 axles. The Kassow moves through the seventh axis like a human arm, making it more logical to program it.
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Colla Robots - 6 axis

Our organization has its own collaborative robot, the Colla Robot. The Colla Robots have 6 axes with which they can reach all positions within their area. These cobots are simple, practical and versatile. The Colla Robot is very quick to use, the buttons on the cobot head allow you to save position after position with 1 push.
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Colla Robots Z4 - 4 axis

Our organization supplies its own brand SCARA robot, this 4-axis cobot excels in fast operations in a horizontal plane. The Colla Robot Z4 is mainly suitable for fast light pick & place applications, assembly work and test or control work. The Colla Robot Z4 consists of a spindle that moves the arm in height and an arm with three pivot points to work in a horizontal plane. Colla Robots supplies two models of the Colla Robot Z4.
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In most cases, a cobot only becomes useful when it can grab something, for this we supply a series of grippers that fit all our and many other cobots. Our cobots have connectors at the tool flange to connect the grippers, so that the wiring does not run outside the arm. This is more elegant, safer, more durable and helps the cobot to maintain flexibility.
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