Colla Robot Z4 - 4 axis

Our organization supplies its own brand SCARA robot, this 4-axis cobot excels in fast operations in a horizontal plane. The Colla Robot Z4 is mainly suitable for fast light pick & place applications, assembly work and test or control work

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The Colla Robot Z4 consists of a spindle that moves the arm in height and an arm with three pivot points to work in a horizontal plane. Our organization supplies two models of the Colla Robot Z4.

The Colla Robot Z4 has its own programming environment that can be used on a PC. A program can be written and simulated in this. Several Z4 cobots can be combined and the attachments can be controlled. The beauty of the Colla Robot Z4 is that there are many standard attachments available. For example, a screw unit with supply, soldering iron, light drill, 3D print head, laser engraving head, laser cutting head, grippers, electromagnet and vacuum systems.

The Colla Robot Z4 can also call itself a cobot thanks to a number of features. Of course, especially safety, the Z4 moves within the speed limits of a cobot, has round shapes, a light construction and stops for obstacles in its movement. In addition, the Z4 is easy to use, for example due to its sleep function. This allows the user to drag the cobot to positions or in a particular trajectory. The Z4 then recognizes the positions and movements learned to repeat in a program.

Number of axes
Lifting power
0.5-3 kg
160-200 mm
0.03 mm
Rotation speed per axis
180 degrees / second
Rotation freedom per axis
360 degrees
WiFi, Ethernet

Data sheet Colla Robots Z4
Data sheet pneumatic parallel grippers
Data sheet pneumatic angle grippers
Data sheet electric parallel grippers

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