Kassow Robots - 7 axis

Our organization and the Danish Kassow Robot have a cooperation agreement for the integration of cobots. The cobots of the Kassow Robot brand are characterized by the three pillars 'Strong Fast & Simple' and the 7 axes.

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Special is that the Kassow has 7 axles. The seventh axis makes the Kassow move like a human arm, making it more logical to program it. The Kassow is easy to use due to its graphical interface and intuitive learning mode. The Kassow Robot is very flexible, of very good quality and has more reach and lifting power than many other cobots. 3 models of the Kassow Robot are available.

The Kassow Robot has seven axes, 5 of which can rotate 720 degrees. That makes this cobot particularly flexible. That is important to work in small spaces and around obstacles. Another application where the seventh axis is advantageous is when following a contour. Thanks to the extra axis, the Kassow Robot can do this at a constant speed, which is important for finishing operations, gluing and for the cycle time.

The Kassow Robot is a strong cobot. The range and lifting power ratio makes this cobot suitable for applications such as palletising, working with different products / positions, sorting and distributing packaging, and of course more. If you want to know whether the Kassow Robot is suitable for your application, we will gladly think along with you about the possibilities.

Number of axes
Lifting power
5-15 kg
850-1800 mm
0.1 mm
Rotation speed per axis
225 degrees /second
Rotation freedom per axis
720 degrees
Modbus, Ethernet TCP/IP, I/O, ROS (in development)

Data sheet Kassow Robots
Flyer KR1805
Flyer KR1410