In most cases, a cobot only becomes useful when it can grab something, for this we supply a series of grippers that fit all our and many other cobots.

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Our cobots have connectors at the tool flange to connect the grippers, so that the wiring does not run outside the arm. This is more elegant, safer, more durable and helps the cobot to maintain flexibility.

Our organization supplies three models of electric grippers with different clamping force, control and stroke length. Where one gripper is simply opened and closed, the second can control the clamping force and the third also the stroke length. In addition to electric grippers, we supply two types of pneumatic grippers in different sizes. One series of pneumatic grippers clamp with a linear movement. The other series of pneumatic grippers are clamped by a rotary movement, just like pliers do. All standard grippers have two fingers.


The grippers are equipped with standard fingers to clamp products. These fingers are designed in such a way that application specific fingers can be mounted, for example for picking up round objects or objects that are wider than the stroke length. The fingers can be provided with a protective layer, which prevents product protection and helps with the grip on the products. In addition, we can apply sensors to the grippers. We do this, for example, to detect the presence or type of material of a product.

Data sheet pneumatic parallel grippers
Data sheet pneumatic angle grippers
Data sheet electric parallel grippers

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