Colla Robots - 6 axis

Our organization has its own cobot, the Colla Robot. The name indicates that it is a collaborative robot. The Colla Robots have 6 axes with which they can reach all positions within their area. These cobots are simple, practical and versatile.

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The Colla Robot is very quick to use, the buttons on the cobot head allow you to save position after position with 1 push. In addition, the Colla Robot has a conveyor belt mode. With this mode the user only has to enter the direction and speed of a conveyor belt and the cobot automatically moves along with products on the belt.

Our organization supplies 5 different models of the Colla Robot, varying in lifting power and reach. The Colla Robots can be mounted on the floor and a table, as well as on a wall or ceiling. Ceiling mounting can provide benefits. For example in a pick & place application, by mounting on the ceiling, the full range of the cobot is used, without the cobots having to move around itself. This results in a shorter movement, which means that the cycle time remains short.

The programming environment on the tablet can be opened on a PC to write programs from there. This usually works faster and more convenient, you can simulate the program from your PC. In addition, the Colla Robot can be linked to ROS (robot operating system). In this environment you can program and simulate the cobot with other cobots and peripherals.

Number of axes
Lifting power
3-15 kg
590-1000 mm
0.05 mm
Rotation speed per axis
135 degrees / second
Rotation freedom per axis
720 degrees
Modbus, Ethernet TCP / IP, I / O, ROS, EtherCAT

Data sheet Colla Robots
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