Cobot accessories

Gripper exchange system & other accessories
As described on the product page Colla Robots provides different types of electrical and pneumatic grippers. In addition to supplying the standard grippers separately, we offer more for and on the cobots. We use the standard grippers to develop smart systems such as a gripper exchange system. Another option is to make a special holder to attach to the cobot to mount multiple accessories The Colla Robot Z4 has a number of special tools which are explained on the product page. We also supply other accessories for all cobots such as vision systems, tools, HMI, software, vacuum systems and sensors.

The gripper exchange system serves to give one cobot several hands. This makes the most of the cobot's flexibility and allows one cobot to carry out a cycle independently. For example, a warehouse cycle where the cobot takes a closed box, opens it, tapes it closed, takes a product, puts it in the box, closes the box, takes a label and sticks, possibly an extra step and finally palletises the box. To do this, we take a cobot equipped with a gripper with which various other workpieces are taken. The cobot always changes the workpiece. What is also possible is to make a special holder to which multiple accessories are attached, for example for sorting products.

In a situation where products are provided with a barcode and must be placed in sorting positions, also provided with barcodes. Then the holder can have a gripper and a scanner, the cobot scans the product, takes the product, scans the barcode of a position, places the product there, and writes to the database which product is in which position. By placing several products in a position, the cobot can collect orders in this way.

With vision accessories we can do various things such as bin picking with 3D vision, contour and position determination, identifying products, visual inspection for quality control or sorting products. What helps here is our experience with the IA application deep learning.